Service areas
  • Plastic material and product
  • Rubber material and product
  • Sealing material
  • Coating product
  • Metal material
  • Stone/Ceramic tile
  • Packaging material
  • Environmental reliability test
  • Building structure safety detection
  • Environmental test
  • Automotive Parts & Components
  • Electronic Appliances
  Service Items
  • Mechanical property
  • Thermal property
  • Flammability property
  • Dimension?measurement
  • Electrical property
  • Optical property
  • Environmental reliability
  • Physical and chemical indicators test
  • Material analysis
  • Elemental?analysis
  • Chemical composition analysis
  • EU-RoHS / REACH / PAHs
About LTI

ShangHai Leading Testing International Co.,Ltd is a third-party detection institution?with CMA accreditation .LTI specialized in material detection and analysis,constructional?engineering?testing,Automotive industry testing,and Light industrial products testing.LTI provides professional ,efficient testing services ,also we provide help for the raw material research,production?and transportation company solve technical problems.

LTI?was founded in 2010,ever since its founding,LTI through continuous accumulation and development has set up a series laboratory,include material mechanic Lab, thermal analysis Lab,flame retardant Lab,chemical analysis Lab , environment reliability Lab and other testing department. LTI testing center equipped with a great number of?advanced equipment.

In 2012 LTI testing center passed the qualification review of quality and?Technical?Supervision?and obtain the CMA qualification certificate. We strictly accordance with China Inspection Body and Laboratory qualification recognition manage regulation and ISO/IEC 17025 regulation in inspection and testing work.Also LTI is the first batch company of third-party detection institution settled in SongJiang inspection and testing service platform.

Our Clients
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